The publication series:

Ethics in a Digitized World ISSN 2709-9857

sees itself as a contribution to a discourse that is intended to guarantee a humanistically oriented society in the context of digitization, artificial intelligence and general technical innovation. In the sense of a Digital Humanism that enables people to evaluate data and information independently and with reason in the sense of a humanistic ideal.

In a world in which data and information increasingly are becoming the foundations of knowledge and power, we expect changes in economic and social conditions that need active shaping. The “disruption” often referred to should not lead to a dystopia, but rather ensure a good life for as many people as possible.

In this sense, we feel committed to a Digital Humanism and welcome and support initiatives to this end. Therefore, we look for contact with authors, scientists and students, who are dealing with this topic and offer to publish works and texts within the framework of the publication series “Ethics in a digitalized world” ISSN number is on the way. More details in case of interest after contacting us via the form – in person, by telephone, by e-mail or, as we are used in times of pandemics, by video call.